Sak Yant Ebook

"Sak Yant : The ultimate guide to Thai tattoos"

Everything you need to know before you get a Sak Yant



Sak Yant, also known as Thai tattoos, are gaining extreme popularity among foreigners, and yet, very few people really know about this ancient tradition.

Wearing a Sak Yant makes you responsible for having some knowledge of Buddhist traditions, and for following a few rules of conduct.

Being Thai, I came across many people struggling to find clear information, therefore making me eager to make this sacred tradition accessible to anyone.

This 33-page-guide gathers all the information you need to know before getting a Sak Yant, but yet is meant to stay clear and concise!

BONUS: DO's and DON'Ts in Thailand - Always useful if you decide to travel to the Land of smiles 😁🇨🇷

Ebook released in January 2019


Sak Yant Origins
What is a Sak Yant?
Where does Sak Yant tradition come from?
Sak Yant designs and meanings
Yant Prachao Ha Praong
Yant Paed Tidt
Yant Gao Yord
Yant Ha Taew
Yant Chat Petch
Yant Hanuman
Yant Hong Ku
Yant Salika
Yant Suea Ku
Yant Garuda
Other Sak Yant
Sak Yant Rules 
The Ceremony 
Where to get a Sak Yant 
Getting a Sak Yant in Thailand
Getting a Sak Yant outside of Thailand
Final Words