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Yant Prachao Ha Praong

Prachao Ha Praong may be translated as « the 5 Blessings of Buddha » which are "Na-Mo-Put-Ta-Ya". These sacred utterances are usually pronounced over and over by buddhist monks, in order to enter a high level of meditation. They can be found in many buddhist representations.

Yant Prachao Ha Praong is considered as one of the "Yant Kru" (fundamental yant), and will bring good luck, happiness and well being to the wearer. It will also protect from potential surrounding bad spirits.

The Yant is imprinted inside the collar of the polo as if it were tattooed on your neck.

Thai elephants

Elephants play an important role in Thai society and culture as they represent power and wealth. In the ancient time, Thai elephants were used to carry his majesty the King and generals of the army during the battles in the war against the enemies from the neighboring countries.

Today, there are many references to Thai elephants in artworks, literature and national emblems. They are also portrayed as sacred animals especially white elephants (or rather grey elephants in reality). For many other cultures around the world, elephants are also considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

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