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Yant Gao Yord : the Nine Spires

Gao Yord is possibly the most important Sak Yant design. Also referred to as the “Yant Kru”, or Master Yant, it is generally engraved on the neck in order to control the other Yant placed below.

Nine is a sacred number in buddhism, and anything related to this number will bring you good luck. In this tattoo, the nine spires represent the 9 levels of the sky, and are meant to lead the tattoo to Nirvana.

The set of three ovals are meant to represent Buddha, and are added to the Yant to give it more power. The body of the Yant is usually made of a patchwork of small squares, each of them containing an abbreviation of a magic spell.

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100% High Quality Cotton

Made in Bangkok