Sak Yant Designs and Meaning

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Sak Yant Designs and Meaning

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Originally worn by Thai warriors, Sak Yant are magical symbols that are always made of the same basis : Yant and Unalome.

Yant are prayers, written in either Pali, Khmer or Thai language. They will be surrounded by Unalome - spiritual symbols shaped as spikes - which tend to represent the struggle that precedes the path to enlightenment.

There are many different Sak Yant designs available, and each Master (Ajarn) may design it his own way, to give it the powers that best suit the wearer.

As for Sackara, our Sak Yant were designed as follows : Prachao Ha Praong for general well being, Ha Taew and Chat Petch for power and leadership (not available yet), Gao Yord and Paed Tidt for protection and safety, Hong Ku and Sariga Lin Tong for love and improved relationships. Finally, Hanuman - the Monkey God, and one of our favorite designs, embodies fearlessness and humility.

Our Sak Yant were then presented as a Pha Yant to Master Luang Phau Chang, so he could perform the traditional blessing ceremony. 


Prachao Ha Praong : the 5 blessings of Buddha

Prachao Ha Praong Sak Yant Tattoo - Sackara


Prachao Ha Praong may be translated as « the Five Blessings of Buddha » which are "Na-Mo-Put-Ta-Ya". Although less known by the general public, it is considered as one of the “Yant Kru” (fundamental yant). These sacred utterances (Mantras) are usually pronounced over and over by buddhist monks, in order to enter a high level of meditation. They can be found in many buddhist representations. 

Generally speaking, Yant Prachao Ha Praong will bring good luck, happiness and well being to the wearer. It will also protect you from the potential surrounding bad spirits.

Yant Prachao Ha Praong is featured on our B-Well Polo Shirts (Sackara Originals Collection). 


Ha Taew : the 5 prayers


Ha Taew Sak Yant Tattoo - Sackara


Ha Taew is one of the most famous Sak Yant and echoes Yant Prachao Ha Praong. Made popular by Angelina Jolie, it is made of 5 lines, each of which represents a magical prayer :

The first row will protect and purify your home, and clear it from unwanted spirits.

The second row will repel bad karma and bad fortune.

The third row will protect you against black magic and any kind of curse.

The fourth row will give you success, fortune and luck in upcoming projects.

The fifth row will energize your charisma and enhance your attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Generally speaking, Yant Ha Taew is designed to improve your Karma and line of fate, drawing its power from the four elements, fire, water, air and earth.

Yant Ha Taew will be available in the future in our Sackara Originals Collection.


Gao Yord : the 9 spires


Sak Yant Gao Yord Tattoo - Sackara





Gao Yord is possibly the most important Sak Yant design. Also referred to as the “Yant Kru”, or Master Yant, it is generally engraved on the neck in order to control the other Yant placed below.

Nine is a sacred number in buddhism, and anything related to this number will bring you good luck. In this tattoo, the nine spires represent the 9 levels of the sky, and are meant to lead the tattoo to Nirvana.

The set of three ovals are meant to represent Buddha, and are added to the Yant to give it more power. The body of the Yant is usually made of a patchwork of small squares, each of them containing an abbreviation of a magic spell.

Generally speaking, this Yant will bring protection against dangers, great power, authority over others, success, increased attractiveness, and good fortune.

Yant Gao Yord is featured on our B-Strong Tshirt (Sackara Originals Collection).


Paed Tidt : the 8 directions


Sak Yant Paed Tidt Tattoo - Sackara


Paed Tidt Yant is a sacred Geometric Yant containing eight Mantras (sacred utterances) written in two concentric circles in the center of the design. This tattoo also incorporates eight representations of the Buddha, one for each day of the week (there are two on Wednesday).

This Yant is often seen as the traveling tattoo, as it will provide you with protection from 8 directions, as well as it will ward off bad spirits. Keep in mind that the traveling could be anything between space, time and spirituality.

Yant Paed Tidt is featured on our B-Safe Tshirts (Sackara Originals Collection).


Hong Ku : the Golden Swans 

Sak Yant Hong Ku Tattoo - Sackara

Some tales say that in one of his many lifetimes, the Lord Buddha was born as a magical Golden Swan who lived in the forest. The swan was such a spectacular animal, that all the birds in the forest soon looked up to him as their charismatic leader. One day, the Golden Swan meets his final moments when he swims into a trap. Instead of panicking and screaming for help, he sacrificed himself by warning the others not to swim into the pool and to fly away as far as possible, thus saving them from his fate.

Like the Golden Swan, wearers of Yant Hong Ku are granted the gift of charm and popularity. It also allows them to better observe the virtues of self sacrifice and kindness.

Yant Hong Ku is featured on our B-Loved Tshirts (Sackara Originals Collection).


Hanuman : the Monkey God

Hanuman Sak Yant Tattoo - Sackara

According to Thai legends (the story of Ramakien), Hanuman was a mythical white Monkey God who was known to be gifted with powers greater than humans, including invincibility, and the ability to fly. The story tells that Hanuman, completely devoted to King Rama, led a monkey army across the world, to fight against evil spirits. His main traits were humility and bravery, and he was looked upon as hope for humanity. While not being exactly a God, he managed to attain high levels of spirituality, therefore demonstrating to man that mortal beings could in fact rise above the shallowness of our worldly pain.

Bearers of Hanuman are protected from danger as well as becoming fearless in the face of adversity. There are many different variations of this Yant, but anyone who carries Hanuman will be granted great courage, self-confidence, and influence over people.

Yant Hanuman will be available in September 2018 as our B-Fearless Tshirts and B-Fearless hoodies (Sackara Originals Collection).


  • Sackara Thailand

    Hi Hussen,
    We do not perform any Sak Yant tattoo on the body. We provide Sak Yant in the form of cloths (t-shirt, hoodie, polo shirt) which you can order on our website or buy at our store in Bangkok. Unfortunately, for the moment the Sak Yant Ha Taew is not yet available. But Gao Yord, Hong Ku, Paed Tidt, Hanuman and Prachao Ha Praong are available.

  • Hussen


    My name Hussen Abu Bakar from Malaysia and
    I would like to have Sak Yant ( Ha Taew ).

    Do I need to come to Thailand or do you have any branch in Malaysia?

  • Sackara Thailand

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It is true that the Yant Ha Taew is quite popular among the ladies perhaps thanks to Angelina Joli. We know that many men also have it on their left shoulder and some other parts of the body. At the end, the location of the tattoo is more related to how it fits with your other tattoos you may already have. The most important thing is how you feel with your tattoo and the blessing of your ajarn.

  • Traveler

    as answer to sackarathailand:
    i got my ha taew last year at Wat Bang Phra and the Ajarn did it on my right shoulder. He said (to my guide) this tattoo goes on the right schoulder for a man and on left for a women…

  • sackarathailand

    The Yant Ha Taew (Five lines) is traditionally tattooed on the left shoulder. But it also depends on who does the tattoo for you. Some Ajarns may accept to do it elsewhere.

    However, please note that tattooing on the cervical/thoracic/ lumbar spine is extremely painful.

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