Our Social Engagement !

Our Social Engagement !

All children are not born equal and all children are not given the same opportunities.

However, sometimes, a helping hand can improve or change some children’s life.

This is what WOR. WATTHANA Muay Thai Gym is trying to do.

In Thailand, Muay Thai has always been an alternative profession for children who were born in the rural areas in the families with limited resources/income often from traditional agriculture.

In addition to Muay Thai techniques, it teaches the fundamental values of the society: respect, honesty, discipline, hard working, sharing, family and friendship, etc. Most Muay Thai champions in Thailand started their careers this way.

Everybody does not need to become a Muay Thai professional but at least they will learn something useful and stay away from other dangerous temptations such as drugs, etc. Some also find a second family or simply a home in the Muay Thai gym.

At WOR. WATTHANA Muay Thai Gym, all children are welcome. The expenses are covered by the owners, Frances WATHANAYA and her husband, Thanit WATTHANAYA, as well as from donation.

SACKARA team is proud to support the children at Wor. Watthana Muay Thai gym.

We are inviting you to join us to help these children by ordering any product on the SACKARA website. Parts of our revenue will be donated to support the expenses for accommodation, food, schooling, etc of these children.

We thank you in advance for your support.

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