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Sack Yant meaning, Sak Yant, Sak Yant meaning, Tattoos, Unalome -

Sak Yant are sacred buddhist tattoos, that once engraved in the skin, will provide magical powers to the wearer. Originally worn by Thai warriors and then by Muay Thai fighters, nowadays, Sak Yant are growing extremely popular across the world. Discover more about these tattoos !

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Muay Thai, Self Defense, Thai Boxing -

Most martial art lessons usually start with offensive techniques (punch, kick, strike, etc.). The objective here is to learn to recognize the types of attack or danger in order to later learn the appropriate techniques or strategies to defend oneself.

In everyday life, we must also learn to recognize the dangers in order to avoid getting into a dangerous situation and when necessary to protect or defend ourselves. Here are some basic principles to follow.

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Sak Yant, Thai culture, Yant shirts -

People can sometimes wonder if using Sak Yant symbols on clothes is accepted among Thai culture, as Sak Yant should be engraved into the skin during a sacred buddhist ritual. In reality, wearing Yant on shirts started thousands of years ago, when Thai warriors used to wear "Suea Yant" during the battles.

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Sak Yant, Tattoo artist, Tattoos -

Sak Yant tattoos are sacred buddhist tattoos that blend geometrical symbols and ancient buddhist prayers.  Originally worn by Cambodian and Thai warriors to protect them during the battles, they are known to provide magical powers to whoever carries them, and are therefore growing extremely popular across the world. Sak Yant are given by a qualified monk (Ajarn) during a solemn buddhist ceremony, that will include various prayers and chants. Of course, people who are interested in getting such tattoos usually travel to Thailand, where they'll easily be able to find a qualified Ajarn, but one of the recurrent question I get is "where can I get...

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Muay Thai, Sak Yant, Thai Boxing, Thai culture -

Muay Thai (thai boxing) is a national sport in Thailand. Nak Muay (thai fighters) can often be seen wearing mystical tattoos called Sak Yant, which are believed to provide magical powers to the carrier, such as power and safety.

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